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How Long Does Botox Last?

How Long Does Botox Last

Botox Oakville

Botox injections in Oakville have earned reputation for becoming one of the safest modes of aesthetic treatments to enhance the youthful appearance of an individual. It is one of the most sought out form of cosmetic procedure, and it is categorized as a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure due to its ability to be injected into the patient’s skin. However many individuals may question the longevity of Botox and the given information is directed towards the life span of Botox and the factors that reduce the durability of Botox.

Durability of the procedure:

If you are receiving Botox injections in Oakville for the first time—you should remember that your first outcomes will not be as long-lasting as expected. You might be required to receive Botox injections after every few months to sustain the durability of your youthful appearance. The longevity of a Botox treatment is reliant on a number of factors but, an ideal procedure should last for approximately six months. Individuals respond differently to the injection of Botox so, they also respond differently to the permanence of a session. The following factors attribute to the life expectancy of a Botox session

  • Eligibility of the product

If you are familiar with the composition of Botox—it is available in a powdered form that is incorporated with saline. In general terms, Botox should be injected within 24 hours of its preparation but, it could also be used for more than 15 days if it has been stored correctly. The fresher the composition of Botox is, the longer it will last in your skin.

  • Your metabolism level

The metabolic rate of your body plays a vital role in sustaining the durability of Botox in your skin. If your metabolic level is high, your Botox will dissolve in 2-3 months. Your Botox might continue to sustain if the metabolism level of your body is low.

  • The area of injection

If Botox is injected into areas with a larger density, such as, your forehead, the aftermaths of the procedure will last for a short time. However, if it is injected into the delicate areas of your face where the muscles are delicate, you can expect long-lasting results.

  • The dosage inserted into the skin

Botox is injected in several dosages to sustain the durability of the procedure. Ideal dosages of Botox provoke your skin to restore back to its normal state within no time. It is highly recommended for the first-time users to opt for a smaller amount of Botox to avoid the probability of a heavy-looking face.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician for advice and diagnosis so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

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