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How long do Lip Fillers Injections Last

How long do Lip Fillers Injections Last

Lip Fillers & Injections Oakville

How long do Lip Fillers Injections Last?

The process of having your lips injected is associated with adding a luscious and pouty look to your lips. People opt to have Oakville lip filler injections to enhance their lips; however, they tend to have a number of questions regarding the process of lip fillers. One of the questions that are sought the most by its practitioners is centered on the longevity of the process. Oakville lip fillers augmentation is a procedure that is expected to last for a long time. The following factors determine the longevity and permanence of your lip fillers.

Type of lip fillers used

With the introduction of lip fillers, several methods have been introduced to plump your lips—however, dermal fillers and juvederm fillers have considered to be critically acclaimed by most practitioners of lip fullers. These two types of lip fillers are considered to be the most advanced lip enhancers. Juvederm lip fillers are estimated to last for 12-18 months, whereas, the dermal fillers last for approximately 6 months.

Sustainability of your immune system

Hyaluronic acid is one of the components found in lip injections, and it is also one of the components found in our bodies that perform the function of detecting unknown substances in your body. The longevity of your lip fillers is reliant on your immune system. The stronger your immune system, the harder would be to remove lip fillers from your lips.

Site of injection

Several doctors tend to follow a variety of techniques to inject the substances into the lips of their patients. The lip filler that is injected into the vermillion border of your lips tend to last for a longer time period. On the contrary, a lip filler injection that is inserted to the core of your lips will wear off after few weeks to a few months.

Your self-perception

Your self-perception plays a vital role in the maintenance and retention of your lip fillers. People tend to opt for lip fillers for a number of reasons—it may include the enhancement or reshaping of their lips. The more you become used to plumped lips, the difficult it would be for you to become used to your natural-looking lips.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician for advice and diagnosis so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.

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